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Parking has improved over the last few years to where we have plenty of spaces, but they are at multiple places.  The original site of Adams-Ricci Park has 200 available spaces and lots of Handicapped parking.  The 200 fill up quickly Saturday and Sunday Morning.   For 2015, we have 300+ spaces in the newer part of Adams-Ricci with paved and gravel parking that isn’t visible from East Penn Drive.  We recommend you try there first and if it’s full, go down to Highmark.  There’s a large lot allocated to us in the rear of the building.  Please follow the signs from the front entrance and only park in the lot designated. at Highmark.  Shuttle buses will only pick up from that lot at Highmark..  1.2 mile ride  Bus Service will also be available from the east parking lot near the Pumpkinfest.   There will be a designated area which you may stand  or simply walk across the soccer field to the designated crossing area.  Please use the designated crosswalk, Fire Police will guide you across.

OPTION 1    Saturday Oct 10 and Sunday Oct 11 Morning Hours
The main park road has parking all along it, However, you must enter by the North End at Magaro Road.
 South end closed is closed during Pumpkin Fest.
Saturday: Lot by Imagination Station will be available.  But Car Show will use the lot adjacent to Northeast Pavilion. 
                  Sunday:  Both Imagination Station and Summerdale Pavilion lots will be open parking.  

Adams Ricci Parking 2015

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OPTION 2     Saturday Oct 10 and Sunday Oct 11    All Hours
This year we will  be parking in Adams Ricci Park’s East. Paved and gravel parking  will be available both days.
. After parking in the lot, You may cross East Penn Drive only at the designated Pedestrian Crosswalk. 
To ENTER East Parking from EAST PENN DRIVE (Yellow Star on the Map) 
North bound Cars coming from Highmark may enter by turning Right .
if you are traveling South Bound toward Highmark you may not enter directly from East Penn Drive at the Yellow Star  .

If you exit directly to East Penn Drive at the South entrance Yellow Star, you will have to turn Right going North bound,
no left turns from Yellow Start  Entrance .

When leaving, ALL cars can EXIT  ON OLD CENTER STREET (Green Star on the Map).
 If you  exit on Old Center Street and turn Left at the US Post Office to  East Penn Drive Signal Light. 
You may turn left, right on East Penn drive or continue straight on Magaro Road
Bus Service will also be available from the east parking lot near the Pumpkinfest.  
There will be a designated parking area which you may stand at or simply walk across the field to the designated crossing area.

OPTION 3   Saturday Oct 10 and Sunday Oct 11 All Hours
Please Enter Highmark Site at the Light for Main Entrance.
Take the first right and follow the feeder road down to the lower parking lots. 
.  After Parking in the designated lot, look for BUS LOADING AREA.

Adam’s-Ricci Park is 1.2 miles from Highmark, just a 3-5 minute Shuttle Ride. 
Buses wil be available all day to return you to your car.
NOTE:  Last Bus back to Highmark  is scheduled for 5:30pm.  30 Minutes after closing time

Highmark Parking 2
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